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   Peloponnese is the number one place in Greece for many producers with it's wineries, vineyards and area codes. It has 29.1% of the total area of vineyards on the wine map of Greece, and produces 1208 codes.

Organised, high quality wineries and vineyards, which are full of Greek and foreign grape varieties, produce white wine, rosé and red; dry or sweet, and has cellars filled with barrels and the smell of the Peloponnese. Grape growers and winemakers of the Peloponnesus are proud of the area and are always willing to welcome you, show you around, and you explain the secrets of wine. The exceptional natural environment of the Peloponnese, the vines and the soil, make the wines of the Peloponnese unique. Olympian Cultural Travel invites you on a journey to experience the wines of Peloponnese.


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